The tell tale sign of a work in progress human (hint, me!) is a fluctuating consciousness. This is comically expressed as devils perched on shoulders and represents will wavering: conflicting drives battling it out in our conscious minds. We all go through it. But what is the nature of this back and forth and what does it reveal about ourselves? Further, what opportunity is present in the experience of temptation and the at times crippling indecision that comes with it?

Addictions as opportunities

I have come to feel that temptation, the experience of wanting something while knowing it is probably not in our highest interest, to be a unique gift in that it represents an opportunity for authentic empowerment! You see, intrinsically linked to temptation is the concept of addiction. What is addiction? Simply put, addictions are the mechanisms whereby the personality resists the energy of Spirit. Put differently, addiction is the misplacement of one's power in to anything external. Examples: drinking to "feel good", smoking pot to "be inspired", eating a meal to "feel full", watching a movie to "relax", having sex to "feel connected" and the list goes on (disclosure: these are my go to addictions, what are yours?). In these actions, I expect an improved state of being and yet am always left with the dissatisfaction of not only being back where I started, but even being further disconnected as each and every time, I have distanced myself from my own power and reinforced my own separative narrative.

Many will regard this list, or their own list that inevitably came up, and right away unleash a barrage of "well wait a minute aren't you being a little extreme there" and the answer is yes, I am. Because authentic empowerment is extreme. It is extraordinary. And the alchemical process is for those who are pursuing the extraordinary in themselves, nothing less. Your soul is not of the earth, you, are not of this earth. And yet each time our actions align with the personality, our earth vehicles, and we indulge the 5 sensory self under whatever guise, we are further entangled in this illusion that we are as we appear to be.

The Luciferic principle

Lucipher actually means "light bringer" and my personal take on this moniker is that the principle of temptation is a beautiful opportunity to gracefully neutralize karma and heal. You see, when we feel temptation and willingly chose to align with our higher selves, our best selves, and connect more deeply to source, the universe rejoices and the light shines brighter within. Each time I perceive the desire to externalize my power along a familiar neural pathway and opt instead to embrace source through presence, gratitude, giving, whichever way I allow my actions to unfold, negative karma is neutralized and the muscle of my own resilience and empowerment is strengthened. Thus the opportunity is present at each and every desire and our temptations are a gift in that they open the door to a very direct action we can take to further our own empowerment. We must earn empowerment through our choices, our actions. This is the only way. Prayer and meditation will close the gap between you and Spirit, but it must pass through the crucible of your own life to be realized.

The invitation, then is to begin here, with these simple (but not easy) daily habits and learned beliefs. If you've been wondering "how do I reach my potential, live more in alignment, feel in my power" and other Instagram ready sugar, an answer is contained in these very day to day experiences. This isn't to say become an ascetic, though given our excessive and indulgent culture, that probably wouldn't hurt either, but rather to present a very real and practical way to live out the seemingly abstract concept of empowerment. Another example is bringing attention to the very words we speak and how we say them, but that's another article. More concretely, the next time you feel in that space of doubt, it's very important to slow down, stop even, and experience the duality fully. Acknowledge the uncertainty and don't allow your mind to jump in and spur you to action until you have taken a few deep breaths and moved out of reactive mode, because that mode will always take the low road, the easy way. Instead, ask yourself:

Am I ready to be the person I most want to be right now?

If you're feeling it, feel free to email me with your experiences. It's good to air them out and just get it out there as it lightens the feeling of guilt or shame we might have around some of these habits. Or let me know strategies you have in place, or if this is even something you struggle with!

live alchemy - February, 03, 2019