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Key 1 :: The Magus of Power

The Magus of Power, oft called simply The Magician is the first stage on the Fool's journey and embodies creative power focused through Will. The Magus is applied intent working with the tools of creation symbolized by the Wand, Sword, Cup and Coin on the Magi's table. These are the four elements (Fire Air Water Earth), comprise the principles of creation and follow suit:

  • Wand: Fire - creation, initiation, spark
  • Sword: Air - action, decision, movement
  • Cup: Water - reflection, feeling, receiving
  • Coin: Earth - result, material expression, manifestation

These processes go around and around constantly! We are never not creating. We are always creating. We are always at some point in this cycle, which is both non linear and indefinite. The question is, where are you creating from and this is where we can shift the discussion from the elements on the table to the other aspects of the Key, such as the White Wand! The White Wand represent super-consciousness, the will of spirit. This Magi is in tune with that wand, are you? If not, you will more than likely be creating from some aspect of your past creations! Wanting to get more stuff for security, secure more relationships for self-worth, make more noise to be heard or trying new things looking for some other result, it's all the same really. Until we align our personal will to a greater Will, we are bound to chase and pursue some fiction or other, living life 'à la mode' (by some fashion). Being in this type of alignment is life changing, and it is the invitation of the Magi to be the conscious creator of your life!

The 10 roses, 5 above 5 below are a reminder of the Alchemical law "As Above so Below" meaning that all is holy, all is full of spirit, it is we binary humans who have to draw lines in the sand and call one thing something and another thing another! But the reality is unity, 10 being the completion, 1 and 0, the number at the end and also off the cycle of the single digits 0-9. Roses because they are the symbol for wisdom (spiritual knowledge) in the West.

So be a positively charged Magi! Work with the light, with the white wand because the alternative is literally to work with darkness, enmeshed in creation, vested in our output. Step back, allow a higher order to work through you and watch your limitations blockages and fears melt away. The choice is yours, your Will is free. You can create anything. Anything at all.

live alchemy - December, 18, 2018