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Mantra work can be very powerful but do not expect instant results!

The world we know (to say nothing of the worlds we do not) is composed of vibration. Through intonation, we can effectively alter our very field and produce new experiences. Don't like what's on? Change the channel. It's that simple. We have the free will to chose not only our experiences, but what we make of them! Working with Mantra is working with an array of choices that are in fact outside of the linear rational mind and instead employ the ancient science of Sound. Specifically, this means working with the primordial language which eventually gave rise to the holy languages, of which some are still known today, such as Sanskrit. The Primordial Language is composed of 72 sound seeds (such as ŌM or RÃM). Some of these will make their way into their own posts, and many I do not know. The point is that when we work with mantra we infuse our field with a potent vibration that is subtler than our mental awareness of the physical sound; our field is then modulated to the degree that we are open and to the extent of our practice. So work with both energies, be receptive while taking consistent action. Most of us will have a strong mesh of old vibrations clinging to us and even potent Mantras like RÃM will only penetrate so far, so concentrate on allowing and putting in consistent effort!

Another point that must be made is that Mantras are meant to be initiated in the disciple. In some sense, reading an article about a Mantra is an unwise practice because the sound seed is not planted if all you do is read it off a page and then go off and repeat what you read, the seed must be planted. The traditional way is through a teacher; this is my recommendation if you are in that position already or can go to a center where this work is done. In fact, group Mantra work is one of the best tools we have for putting down our guard at a deep level and allowing the light to penetrate through our shields and open us further.

In lieu of the traditional initiation, I have found there is also the possibility of auto-initiation if I go to a quiet natural place and work with the Mantra there, allowing the primordial sound to reveal It self to me. I have not done this often as I have had the fortune to work with a teacher who is well versed in sound science, but the language is primordial, it is before form, so we all know it already. Furthermore, the sounds themselves have an intelligence and want us to connect with them, so don't be shy!

Beyond this, I do not feel there is a wrong way to practice and I look forward to sharing this work with you and hearing about your experiences.

live alchemy - November, 11, 2018