Making the ultimate Bulletproof Coffee

Anyone who knows me knows that bulletproof coffee is my favorite meal of the day. I honestly get so excited to make this coffee every single day and I have it down to an art that travels with me in my truck on road trips, up to mountain passes for that pre dawn fuel and is a staple of home life blender usage, a vast topic unto itself.

The recipe

  • Boil 2 cups of water
  • While it's boiling, grind up your favourite coffee (My favourite roasters article)
  • Fill a 4 cup mocha pot with hot water, add the coffee grounds (do not over fill, leave room for the grounds to expand!)
  • alt: make your coffee in an aeropress, use a V60, hit that drip or brew wtvr you like best
  • Put the mocha pot on the stove
  • Optional bonus points: put hot water into your blender or thermos, then pour it from there in to your drinking cup and keep your spoon in said cup for easy oil scoopage (clutch when backpacking in the alpine)
  • Spoon butter, coconut or MCT oil and coconut sugar (you gotta play with your ratios here but I do 1 basically tbsp of each) into your blender or thermos.
  • Optional bonus points: incorporate super foods like Laird's super food creamer, maca root powder, collagen or whatever else you like to work with (I'm looking at you Cordiceps!). Some other ideas include turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, lion's mane, vanilla and the list goes on. Leave a comment with yours!
  • Blend or shake that up and enjoy!
live alchemy - November, 15, 2018